Tofranil (Imipramine) – antidepressant medication

September 17, 2014 at 8:47 am
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Tofranil – All You Need To Know

Tofranil is a medication used to treat depression. It is likewise used in some children so they can reduce bedwetting. Also, it can be used in other conditions according to the doctor’s prescription. This medication can be taken orally with or without food.

What Are Its Side Effects?

There are possibilities that some of the side effects exhibited by patients using Tofranil are not reported. Imipramine, the active ingredient in Tofranil, may let users experience unwanted side effects that will require immediate medical attention

Here are the most evident side effects of Tofranil:Tofranil_10mg

In case a patient suffers from an overdose while using Imipramine HCL 25 mg, seek for an emergency assistance right away.

Here are the symptoms that a patient suffers from an overdose:

It has been reported that up to 85% of patients taking this medication experienced dry mouth. In addition, several cases of acute angle closure glaucoma have been included to the drug’s anticholinergic effect. Anticholinergic side effects are reported by as many as 50% of patients.

Information About Tofranil Dosage

Tofranil can be given through injection or tablet.

injection-tofranilVia injection: This medication can be given initially up to 100mg/ per day via intramuscular route. Injection must only be given as a part of the starting therapy in patients who do not want to use the medication by mouth. Lower dosages are ideal for older patients and adolescents. Imipramine dosage should be given at low levels, gradually increasing.

Via oral route: Hospitalized patients must take 100mg per day. These are given in divided dosages, and is gradually increased to 200mg each day as needed. If there is no response after two weeks of taking the dosage, increase it to 250mg-300mg a day. For outpatients, 75mg per day is recommended and can be increased to 150mg per day. Doses more than 200mg per day are not recommended. For elderly patients and adolescents, 30mg to 40mg of Tofranil must be taken each day.

Reviews Of Tofranil

Many patients who have used Tofranil gave positive reviews about the drug. One client stated that this medication is the best treatment for Panic Disorder. After he was diagnosed with Panic Disorder, his life has become a total mess. He felt depressed, anxious and he even exhibited suicidal thoughts. Then, his doctor introduced Tofranil to him. He reported that he has become more optimistic. His depression and anxiety have been eliminated. Though he said that Tofranil is an old medicine, it is still worth trying.

On the other hand, another patient gave a positive comment about the medication. She said that she experienced night terrors, but after taking Tofranil for the first time, she slept normally without waking up. She has been on the medication for three years now and there are no problems whatsoever about the medication. She stated that panic attacks can be eliminated by an inexpensive yet effective medication like Tofranil.

What Is The Price Range Of Tofranil?

Prices of Tofranil depend on the dosages and the distributors. Its range can be anywhere near $16 up to $30, depending on the drugstore. The lowest prices for Tofranil can be found through online pharmacies and via prescription discount cards. Before purchasing this medication, it is ideal to compare prices first to get the best deal. Also, be sure to buy Tofranil 75mg from a reputable drugstore, both in your local place or online.